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Rice Cookies

米粉のクッキー(袋入り) 45枚入 ナッツあり


Our Rice Cookies are made from rice 100% cultivated in Niigata Prefecture. Niigata is renown in Japan for producing excellent quality rice.


Some local rice producers, with the help of a renown patissier chef, came up with the idea of producing healthy and delicious rice cookies that everyone can eat: from children to seniors, including people with allergies.

It is a way Niigata people have found to help everyone survive and get through difficult times, especially in emergency situations. Also, producing such products helps local rice cultivators to increase their sales.

Since our healthy Rice Cookies have been introduced to the Japanese market, the government was interested to make big orders to be prepared in case of emergency situations, to help human life survive in both Japan and abroad if necessary.


Alpha rice

Minna no Gohan (Rice for everyone)

Alpha rice is packed in pouch and is very useful in case of disaster. Even without gas or electricity, it can be cooked with hot water or just water!

As we thought that our mission is to make rice everyone can eat safely, our product has special features:

  1. 5-year shelf life
  2. 100% made with rice cultivated in Niigata Prefecture
  3. 27 allergen-free
  4. Cooked in about 20 minutes by hot water and 1 hour by water
  5. Since a spoon is enclosed, it can be eaten immediately
  6. Contains leaflets in 6 languages (Japanese, English, Portuguese, Chinese, Hangul, Arabic)

Koshi Hikari Rice

Pesticide-free or cultivated with limited amounts of pesticides

Niigata Prefecture is one of the most renown area for rice production.

We offer 2 kinds: pesticide-free, and cultivated with limited amounts of pesticides.

By doing this type of agriculture, we believe in preserving the natural ecosystem of our rice fields for future generations, as well as protecting everyone’s health.


Soy-free Miso

To enable people with soy-allergy to taste real Japanese cuisine, we created Miso Paste made only from Rice, Koji (Fermented Rice) and salt.

This Miso Paste great replacement of regular Miso Paste, and is therefore excellent for Miso Soup, Ramen Soup, Japanese-style nabe, …